Employee Benefits

Win-win for employees and employer alike

A key factor in business success is the ability to hire and retain good people. A strong benefits program is an important part of your offer, and WinFlex’s flexible health plan will appeal to any employee. What’s more, we make it affordable for any employer.

WinFlex is an innovative way to reward employees. Instead of a salary increase or fully taxable cash bonus, you can opt to deposit funds into a WinFlex account. Employees don’t have to pay tax on the amount, yet it’s still a deduction for the employer. This creates a win-win.

WinFlex is simply a Business Health Spending Account (HSA). It can work solo or in tandem with a traditional group benefit plan, making it popular with employees who might already be on spousal benefits. The employer simply sets the employee contribution level and determines the deposit schedule. WinFlex does the rest. It really is that simple.